Antegnati pipe organ

Builded by Costanzo Antegnati in 1588.

San Nicola’s church in Almenno San Salvatore

Organo Antegnati Dal Matroneo

The instrument is located in the choir, above the fifth chapel on the right of the aisle, supported from below by two walled-up beams covered with decorated panels. Above the choir, the organ front with closed doors appears as a big wooden niche.

The frame is made up of two ionic columns rotating on their own axis and supporting a trabeation. This is adorned with a high sculptural frieze, on which a broken curvilinear pediment is placed. In the middle, the bust of a blessing god stands out.

The opening and closing of the organ doors depends on the rotatory movement of the columns, onto which the doors are fixed by means of three hinges. In the inside of the niche, a painting is nailed to the wooden frames that make up the organ doors. In accordance with a customary choice, it represents the Annunciation.